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How does LISTENING affect our lives?
The Listening Program CD Kit TLP
ecause listening is such an important aspect of our daily lives, and because our auditory system has such a profound impact on how we function, it is fair to say that anyone could benefit from an auditory stimulation program such as The Listening Program. Specifically TLP was designed for children (ages 2 and older) and adults who have auditory perceptual / processing concerns.

The following is a video presentation discussing and explaining The Listening Program.

In children, auditory problems may be identified by speech and language problems, sensitivity to sounds, poor attention, difficulty following directions, difficulty expressing oneself, difficulty with listening comprehension as well as reading comprehension, difficulty with social interactions, or auditory self-stimulation, such as constant humming or self-talk.  Children who have had a history of ear infections or chronic middle ear fluid are at a higher risk for having difficulties in auditory perception and processing.

In adults, auditory problems may manifest as difficulty retaining auditory information, inattentiveness, sound sensitivity, or speech/language and voice concerns.  For individuals who have hearing loss, an auditory stimulation program is important to aid in improving the functional use of their hearing.  So although actual hearing levels may remain the same (as indicated on an audiogram), TLP may help to train the individual's listening skills so that existing hearing may be used more efficiently.

What is central auditory processing disorder (CAPD)?
LD Online Article

Here is another excellent article explaining auditory processing disorders:

What can you expect The Listening Program to do?
Improvement in auditory processing is just the beginning ...    Incredible care has been taken to use expertise from the best minds in the field to create an auditory therapy program that is easy to do at home, is immensely enjoyable, and also extremely successful in strengthening auditory and related abilities. Here is a program that can benefit anyone, but especially individuals who have difficulties in the areas of auditory perception, processing, and memory.
musical note Can you improve your SINGING VOICE and other
The Listening Program ?
A music and sound program for enhanced learning -- and much more  ...

The Listening Program has helped individuals make improvements in many areas, including the following:
  • Attention span and focus
  • Speech and motor control
  • Auditory perception and sensitivity
  • Musical expression
  • Self-esteem, mood, and motivation
  • Social interaction
  • Understanding spoken language
  • Reading, spelling, and handwriting
  • Memory
  • Physical balance and coordination - sensory integration
  • Autistic spectrum disorders including PDD
  • And many more

The Listening Program was designed to help balance, strengthen, and/or restore our ability to listen to and process sounds across the full auditory spectrum, from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. This can result in striking improvements across the human continuum, from academic performance to emotional balance.

Using The Listening Program literally exercises and tones tiny muscles in the ear and helps build stronger multi-sensory pathways in the brain. The brain receives especially rich auditory stimulation, and its ability to process sound improves.

The Listening Program can help with:
  • Attention problems / ADD
  • Learning disabilities and dyslexia
  • Difficulties processing and retaining auditory information
  • Difficulty following directions
  • Articulation problems
  • Language problems
  • Reading comprehension problems
  • Monotone voice or sing/song voice
  • Central auditory processing difficulties
  • Easily distracted by sound
  • Overly sensitive to sound
  • Low energy level and lack of confidence
  • Vestibular problems, including balance and coordination
  • Difficulty with communications and social interactions
  • History of ear infections or middle ear fluid
  • Hearing loss related difficulties
  • Sleep problems
  • Learning foreign languages more easily

In " The Power of Sound," Joshua Leeds explores the importance of healthy auditory functioning and says, "From the womb to the moment we die, what we hear either energizes or depletes our nervous system."

Can The Listening Program really change the brain?
Many of us, children and adults alike, are NOT "listening" to our fullest potential. In fact, many people experience "listening disabilities" or "auditory disabilities" and do not even realize it.

These weaknesses or problems in processing sound can adversely affect us in many ways including: communication skills, learning abilities, attention and behavior, energy levels, coordination, relaxation, brain function, and sensory integration. Improving or enhancing our ability to process sound can produce specific benefits.

People of all ages can be trained to process sound more effectively to overcome weaknesses or further develop listening-related abilities.

Background Theories

Over forty years ago, a French ear surgeon, Dr. Alfred Tomatis, made a series of groundbreaking discoveries about the role of the ear and hearing in brain development and organization.  We now know that, before birth, the human brain's first sensory experiences are the rich sounds inside the womb.  Tomatis showed that our auditory nerve is fundamental to human neurology; it helps to regulate not only balance and spatial orientation, but even vision and our tactile senses.  He also discovered that sound is a " nutrient " that can stimulate and feed the brain.  One of his greatest innovations was to find new ways to stimulate the ear and brain that can improve hearing, learning, and behavior.
Read more about Dr. Tomatis ' discoveries about the role of the ear and hearing in brain development andorganization.
This information is FASCINATING!
"What I first noticed  was the difference in my son's speech and his ability to express himself.  His voice even changed!"

Decades of clinical experience combined with the evolution of new technology have made important new advances possible. An unprecedented cross-disciplinary team (including professionals in neurology, psychiatry, neurodevelopment, education, speech pathology, psychoacoustics, music and sound engineering) came together to conceive and design The Listening Program -- the next generation of auditory stimulation technology.

The Listening Program was thoroughly tested and its success was confirmed.  Then it was further refined and perfected.  It contains an unprecedented combination of the most powerful new advances in the art and science of auditory re-education.

The principles behind The Listening Program are scientific. Its protocols were fine-tuned by qualified professionals. Its effectiveness was confirmed by the field tests that were a part of the development process. The music on the CDs in The Listening Program was specifically performed by the world-class musicians of The Archangelos Chamber Ensemble, and recorded (to exacting specifications) for this specific purpose. Nevertheless, the program is affordable and The Listening Program can be used at home under the professional supervision of Rocky Mountain Learning Systems' consultants. ( See Intake Procedure ) The consultations are included in the purchase of the products. 

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The Listening Program was developed by the Center for Psychoacoustic Research
in conjunction with Advanced Brain Technologies, LLC
Because our world needs better minds

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