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Headphones and CD players must meet specific technical requirements to enable the full potential of The Listening Program.

The following sennheiser, sony, and grado headphones and personal cd players have all been tested and approved for use with The Listening Program. We have these in stock for sale:

Sony Sports Model CD Player / Walkman Style
Sony Sports Model Walkman Compact Disc (CD) Player - Used / Refurnished

$44.95  Click here for more info   buy

Sony D-EJ011 CD-R/RW Walkman G-Protection Mega Bass Portable CD Player

$59.95  Click here for more info   buy

Sony D-FJ041 CD Player / Walkman with FM / AM Tuner

$59.95  Click here for more info   buy

DEJ017CK CD Player

D-EJ017CK CD Player / Walkman with Car Kit Included

$69.95  Click here for more info  buy

TLP Waves Bone Conduction Headphones
Waves Bone Conduction Headphones

Our newest bone conduction headphone system is more effective than ever, and it has been custom-designed especially for The Listening Program® with a larger bone conductor, a more powerful amplifier, and robust components
$995.00  Click here for more info  buy

AKG K99 Headphones
AKG K99 Headphones

$79.95   Click here for more info      buy

Sennheiser HD518 Headphones
Sennheiser HD 518 Headphones

$ 124.95   Click here for more info      buy
These adjust to a small size and are suitable for kids 10 and under, as well as adults!

Sennheiser HD558
Sennheiser HD558 Open-Air Headphones

$174.95   Click here for more info      buy

grado headphones sr-80 Grado Headphones SR-80

$94.95   Click here for more info     buy
These headphones can be adjusted to a small size and have an excellent acoustic quality.*

sr 125 Grado Headphones SR-125 *

$164.95   Click here for more info     Click to purchase

sr 225 Grado Headphones SR-225 *

$214.95   Click here for more info     Click to purchase

sr325 Grado Headphones SR-325 *

$309.95  Click here for more info     Click to purchase

rs2 Grado Headphones RS-2 *

$509.95   Click here for more info     Click to purchase

rs1 Grado Headphones RS-1 *

$694.95  Click here for more info  Click to purchase

rs2 Grado Headphone Y Splitter / Adaptor Cable

$29.95   Click here for more info   Click to purchase

Tune Belt CD Player Carrier CD Player Carrier - Tune Belt (fanny pack)
Great for movement or exercise while listening.

$18.95 Click here for more info Click to purchase

iPod Tune BeltiPod Carrier - Tune Belt - (fanny pack)

$19.95 Click here for more info  Click to purchase

rs2 Grado 15 Ft. Headphone Extension

$39.95   Click here for more info Click to purchase

rs2 Grado Headphone Mini Adaptor

$14.95  Click here for more info  Click to purchase

rs1 Grado Headphone Replacement Ear Cushions

$14.95   Click here for more info  Click to purchase
* All of the Grado headphones can be adjusted to fit small children as well as adults.

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Equipment guidelines have been established to optimize your potential results with The Listening ProgramTM.  Because of the importance of preserving the harmonic content and the wide frequency ranges contained in TLP, good quality equipment is recommended. This quality of sound equipment will typically cost around $100 and up.
The Compact Disk Player: Due to the vast number of models of CD players available and the rapid change in the market, it is difficult to recommend a specific player.  Portable, personal CD players, such as the Sony DiscmanTM, provide the most flexibility for the listener.  If you are using this type of player, a model that has rechargeable batteries and an anti-skip mechanism is preferable.  (Note: The headphones that come with these players will NOT be adequate for use with TLP.)
If you prefer, you may use your component home stereo system or a mini-component (bookshelf) system. With these systems, be sure that the equalizer is turned off, or that the equalizer settings are flat, and that loudness or mega-bass settings are turned off.  The channel balance should be equal between right and leftBoom box players are not ideal for use with TLP.  In general, these systems are intended to maximize low frequencies and to be played at high volumes.  They do not typically produce as good a quality of sound at the higher frequencies as do other types of players.
Headphones:   Good quality headphones are an essential element of your TLP equipment.  The important aspect to consider when choosing headphones is the frequency response.  At the high end of the response range, headphones should have a frequency response of at least 20,000 Hz guaranteed.  This allows for transmission of the higher frequencies at a relatively low volume. Two other specifications important to TLP are Driver Size, which should be 40-50mm and Power Handling Capacity, which should be 1000mW (for closed style, minimum) or 500mW (for open style, minimum; 750 ideal).
Wireless headphones are NOT to be used with TLP.  The technologies used to transmit sounds through the air will negatively affect the quality of sound needed for TLP.  Wireless headphones will also impact the preset channel balance for laterality on the CDs.  More specific recommendations follow at the end of this article.
Parental Supervision: To ensure maximum effectiveness of TLP, it is important that your equipment is functioning properly.  If you are using TLP with a child, put the headphones on and listen for a few moments to be sure that the headphones, CD player, and CD are all working properly, and that the volume is not turned too loud.  Make sure you do this at the beginning of EVERY session.
Equipment Troubleshooting
If you notice that sound is coming out of only one side of the headphones for an extended period of time, sound cuts in and out (other than the sound of the gating in the "B-Tracks"), or the CD is skipping, check the following:
Compact Discs:   TLP CDs should be handled very carefully.  Dirt, scratches, or fingerprints on the CD will affect how it plays.  Try using a commercially available cleaning kit to keep CDs clean.  Try a different CD in your player to determine whether the problem is with your TLP CD or with your other equipment.  If one of your TLP CDs becomes scratched or damaged, contact your program supervisor to order a replacement.
Headphones: If you hear sound in only one side of the headphones, or if the output is intermittent, the headphones may need to be repaired.  First confirm that the headphones are plugged into the player properly.  Try listening through a different pair of headphones (such as those that came with your CD player) to determine whether the source of the problem is the headphones or the player.  Headphones typically come with a warranty.  Contact the manufacturer or retailer for recommendations for repairs.
Compact Disc player:   If you have ruled out the CD or headphones as the culprits, your CD player must be the problem.  Again, contact the manufacturer or retailer for repairs.
Volume, at all times, should be soft and gentle.  The effectiveness of TLP is not based on amplitude.  More volume does not equal more effect.  If anything, active listening -- the purpose of TLP -- is better served at low volume levels.  This also protects the delicate mechanisms of the auditory system.
Start each session with a sound check and periodically check your child's volume level.  In most cases, it should be below 2 or 3 (on a scale of 1-10).
Spend approximately one minute listening and establishing a comfortable, LOW-LEVEL volume. This volume should be maintained throughout the entire 15-minute segment.  Volume in TLP has a large dynamic range.  This is intentional; it is one of the psychoacoustic processes that invites active listening.
Shifts in volume will be most noticeable in the nature sections and in the B-Tracks of each segment.  These B-Track sections are the middle five minutes of each 15-minute segment and are the most heavily processed.  They have been specifically lowered in volume from the adjoining tracks.  The filtered and gated sounds in the B-Tracks need not be at the volume level of the rest of the program.  Because of their strength, we lower the volume to keep the listening experience pleasant.  Do NOT raise the volume in these sections.  We want to re-emphasize that when it comes to volume, LESS IS MORE
Warning:  Excessive exposure to any loud sound can cause permanent hearing damage.  Please keep volumes low while listening to anything through headphones.

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