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  Flash Pro 2  --  Talk To Me 

Flash Pro 2 Flash! Pro 2

The Flash! Pro2 CD-ROM contains over 10,000 color photographic images in 65 categories that you can easily select, preview and print as flash cards to teach speech and language.

Buy    $74.95

FlashPro2 Screen Shot

Speech & Language

Talk To Me!

The "Talk to me!" CD-ROM comes with over 2,000 color photographic images.  You can record and play sound for each picture for individual children.  You can save voices for different children and play them back at any time.  You can include your own digital images and/or images from our other flash card CD-ROMs.

You can preview and/or print 1,2,4,6 or 8 pictures per page.  Labels can be edited easily in English, Spanish, French, German and Italian.  You can also use images from the Flash! Pro2 CD-ROM (we offer a discount of over US $35 if you purchase both products).

buy   $ 89.95 

Talk to Me
Features of Flash! Pro 2 and Talk to Me!
  • Run on Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME, NT and XP
  • Labels can appear on or off the flashcards
  • Labels can be in upper-case or lower-case
  • Preview and print 1,2,4,6 or 8 images per page
  • View, resize and print your own digital camera pictures as well
  • Dozens of categories including : actions (over 1200 action photos), adjectives, alphabet, animals, appliances, arts & ornaments, associations (eg. glove goes with hand), attributes (eg. long-short, big-small, hot-cold), baby items, bathroom objects, bedroom objects, body parts, building & structures, clothing, colors, counting, community objects, computers, cutlery, emotions, flags of the world (all 221 flags), food & drink, furniture, plants, genders & people, health & safety, household objects, kindergarten, kitchen & cooking, locations, money, musical instruments, nature, numbers, numerical association, occasions, occupations, park & playground, personal items, prepositions, rooms, school items, sequences, shapes, road signs (eg.traffic, hazard, warning etc), sports, stationery, toys, vehicles, what's wrong with this picture, what's missing and workshop and tools.  
  • The CD-ROM was designed for people with no computer experience and is extremely easy to use.  There are no installation or set-up procedures.   You simply insert the CD in your CD-ROM drive and it will run automatically. You click on the picture names from the categories to preview the pictures on the screen. Click the printer button on the screen and you have your flashcards.
  • You even have the option of having dotted cut-lines appear on your prints to allow easier cutting between pictures.


Talk to Me! & Flash! Pro 2 Talk To Me!                     buy
   & Flash! Pro 2              $129.95 

   We are currently offering both the Talk to me! CD-ROM and the Flash! Pro2 together for a discounted price of only US $129.95.

The Flash! Pro 2 contains all the images of the Talk to me! CD-ROM plus over 8,000 extra images that can be imported into Talk to me! and used with its sound recording and playback feature.  You can even import your own digital camera images in the Talk to me! system and record voice or sound with each image.

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