The most comprehensive reading and language program of its kind - LTK Language Tune-Up Kit Phonics.

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The Language Tune-Up Kit

has been selected to be used by the State of Georgia
Department of Education's
Reading First Program.

An interactive multimedia reading software program on CD-ROM using the exceptional Orton-Gillingham method. It was originally designed for adults who
were not able to acquire basic reading skills through other methods. It is particularly effective for older children. teenagers, and adults who need a sequential, structured method of reading instruction.

Click here for
Program Brochure in PDF format

Many students do not respond to traditional teaching methods.  Instead, they need a sequential, structured phonics method.  They often require three to ten times the number of usual repetitions to achieve mastery.  Until now, these teaching methods have generally been available only from highly trained, very expensive reading specialists.

The Orton-Gillingham Method teaches the basics of sound and word formation before whole meanings.  Review and mastery are central to the learning process.  The repeated exposure to previous material keeps the information stored in the student's long term memory and has a cumulative effect on the process of  learning and remembering.  This method addresses all learning types:  visual, auditory and kinesthetic.  Words and sounds are seen, heard, written and even spoken and recorded by the student, making the learning experience active rather than passive.   Click here to see additional information related to Orton- Gillingham . This instructional method works well with all students and is especially helpful for those who have learning challenges.



All versions of LTK offer an automatic placement test. The LTK Placement Test
determines students' reading skills and places the student at the appropriate starting lesson. For a manual version of this test

"This program is a bargain at ANY price
because it works!"  - E. Calhoun

LTK Program Features

Click here for Program Brochure in PDF format
  • Includes On-line Auditory Assessment test to determine if the student is able to understand the differences in letter and word sounds.
  • The multisensory techniques employed by the program include visual, auditory and tactile-kinesthetic , capitalizing on a student's strengths while improving weaknesses.
  • The basis for instructional delivery is the renowned Orton-Gillingham approach that has been highly successful for students with learning disabilities.  These techniques have been proven effective with thousands of students around the world.
  • Students record their own voice with every lesson, aiding in speech development and providing immediate and positive feedback.
  • Program Branching techniques are utilized to deliver tailored instruction to each student.  If the student achieves the mastery objective for a lesson activity, then the program automatically branches to the next activity.  If the student does not achieve the mastery objective, then additional activities are presented until mastery is achieved.
  • Hints are available on three levels, each one providing more details about the answer to a question.  This helps preserve the self-esteem of the student while providing valuable assistance in the learning process.
  • The program makes learning fun as well as challenging.
  • On-line Tracking System allows for four different types of student reports:  Bar Graphs , Error Data Reports, Progress Reports , and Detail Reports.
  • A " virtual keyboard " may be selected within the program, which is particularly useful for students with physical challenges.
  • Has been used successfully to teach English to non-English speaking students.


Beginning with letters and sounds, the student progresses through word building, word attack,
word recognition, and reading comprehension with a self-paced, multi-sensory approach.

The Phonics Program's difficulty level progresses gradually as follows:

  • Lessons 1-10 review the alphabet, teach 3-sound, 3-letter words, and basic word building rules.
  • Lessons 11-22 teach initial and final blends.
  • Lessons 23-41 teach basic silent-"e" rules, digraphs, long vowel sounds and long vowel teams
  • Lessons 42-59 teach closed, two-syllable words, final consonant "le" rules, and the letter "y" sounds.
  • Lessons 60-75 teach "r"-controlled rules and sound combinations and more on vowel teams.
  • Lessons 76-87 address digraphs, suffixes, hard/soft "c" and "g", silent letters and numbers.
  • Review lessons are interspersed.

"This program is wonderful!  I have used it to help students whose reading skills were
five years behind, "catch up" with their class.  It's very educationally
sound AND easy to use."  - B. Clayton, Tutor

The Adult Learning Center in Waukegan, Illinois is a place where adults can work on improving their basic reading, writing and mathematics or learn to speak English.  They offer group tutoring where groups of two to four students meet once a week for several hours with a trained volunteer tutor to work on reading, writing and mathematics. 

One of the programs they offer is the Language Tune Up Kit.  Here's what they had to say about it: 

"Clearly a learning center favorite program based on the Orton Gillingham method of reading instruction. LTK instruction includes the alpha sequencing, audio recognition, building words, sentence dictation, and oral reading of sentences and stories with corresponding exercises."

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