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Language Tree French (DVD Video)
The Fun and Easy Way to Learn French

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Volume 1
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Volume 1
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Volume 1
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Volume 1
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for Spanish Speakers

French For Kids DVD Video
French For Kids - Level 1, Volume 1
Item # 10302
Ages:  4 and up
Publisher: Language Tree
Format: DVD Video

Our Price: $24.95  $19.95

French For Kids - Level 1, Volume 2
Language Tree French Level 1 Vol 2Item # 10307
Ages:  4 and up
Publisher: Language Tree
Format: DVD Video

Our Price: $24.95  $19.95


buy   #10307B  French for Kids Bundle - Volumes 1 and 2 - $43.95  $33.95

 (More Language Programs

Our breakthrough educational DVDs teach the most influential languages in the world today!


French is not only a beautiful language, but also a very practical one. Truly a “lingua franca,” French as a foreign language is the second most frequently-taught language in the world after English. French is the only language spoken on five continents, and 28 countries have French as an official language. Learn French today!

French Video Products for Children

Language Tree DVDs enhance learning by providing both auditory and visual reinforcement of new phrases and vocabulary. Your child will actually see how the French language is used in the appropriate situational context ­ which further deepens language understanding. Modern sing-along songs keep it fun while helping develop correct pronunciation.

FRENCH for Kids - Level 1, Volume 1
Price: $19.95 DVD Video

FRENCH FOR KIDS Level 1, Volume 1 is a DVD and booklet set that makes learning French a fun adventure for your child. Starring native French speakers and adorable 3-D animated characters, this DVD teaches basic conversational French within the context of a fantastic birthday party, full of lively songs, delicious food, and playful games. Pénélope and her cuddly French-speaking puppy, “Pezi”, teach useful phrases for meeting and greeting, counting, eating, playing, and much more.

Narrated and subtitled in English, FRENCH FOR KIDS is perfect for beginner students of all ages.

  • Incorporates Language Tree’s breakthrough Multi-Cognition Approach™, developed by a Stanford University Cognitive Scientist
  • Contains 7 complete lessons on everyday conversation
  • Includes interactive DVD games that tests your child’s comprehension
  • Introduces over 100 practical phrases and vocabulary words
  • Lively sing-a-long songs reinforce new words and phrases
  • Chapter menu allows quick access to a specific lesson
DVD comes accompanied with a learning book so parents or teachers can review lessons together with their child.

Language Tree French Level 1 Vol 2FRENCH for Kids - Level 1, Volume 2
Price: $19.95 DVD Video

FRENCH FOR KIDS volume 2 takes your child on an unforgettable learning journey with Pénélope and her cuddly French puppy, “Pezi”. Along the way, your child will learn words and phrases related to useful daily topics: telling time, eating, playing, bedtime and much more. Language Tree pumps up the fun factor with colorful 3-D animation and sing-along pop songs.

Narrated and subtitled in English, FRENCH FOR KIDS volume 2 is perfect for beginner students of all ages.
  • Incorporates Language Tree’s breakthrough Multi-Cognition Approach™, developed by a Stanford University Cognitive Scientist
  • Contains complete lessons on everyday conversation
  • Includes remote control DVD games that test lesson comprehension
  • Sing-along songs reinforce new words and phrases
  • Native speakers provide authentic pronunciation

Each DVD comes with an easy-to-follow learning booklet.

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Language Tree French Bundle

“Learning French has never been so much fun. This wonderful program introduces children to the language using a setting that they can easily relate to and non-intimidating vocabulary. It’s young Penelope’s birthday and her family is joining her for the party. The celebration is the basis for seven lessons introducing greeting phrases, and words for family members, colors, parts of the body, food, numbers, and gifts. Each lesson includes brief skits with dialogue using the target words. Following each skit, one of the characters repeats the key phrases as the vocabulary is written on the screen in French and English. Several of the lessons include upbeat songs that contain the targeted vocabulary and will have children singing along in no time. A comprehensive phrase review and song booklet is included that contains all of the dialogue, translations, and answers to the quizzes. A must-have for every collection.”


 This DVD should be in every home. I thoroughly enjoyed my first lesson in Spanish. Each lesson is broken down into short meaningful segments that teach through repetition and song. Your children will play this one over and over again. I encourage parents to sit down with their children and reinforce the lessons they are learning. This one is a must have for home schoolers and parents who want their children to grow up knowing another language.”

"We watched Italian for Kids during all the children's Italian classes. It was really a lot of fun. Children enjoyed the videos and had a good time playing the ‘What time is it?’ remote control game."

"I watched the Chinese for Kids DVD and really enjoyed the whole production. It is a great learning tool at a beginner's level. The user interactive features were great to use and supportive of learning. I think it would be good for parents to use to learn basic Chinese. Younger children in K and Pre-K could also use it as a tool."


"Anybody wanting an introduction to Mandarin Chinese would greatly benefit from this video. The teaching methods are clear, concise, and repeated for emphasis each time. Each video has an instructional booklet with phonetic pronunciations for each word. The cartoon characters are cute, without being cutesy, they don't detract from the message: to teach the basics of an intricate language. The tones that are characteristic of the Mandarin dialect are taught with pictures and sounds that any young child can grasp. One word, spelled exactly the same, has four different meanings, depending on where the inflection is placed and the tonal quality in which it is spoken. This is a quality product, recommended for anyone wanting to connect with the Chinese culture."


“I've reviewed the video tape Billy and Benboo and really like the Multi-Cognition Approach on which it is based. I also like the organization of the story. I believe that both children and adults who deal with children will find it entertaining while learning Chinese."


"Learn Chinese with Billy and Benboo is a wonderful beginners level video tape which teaches children in a fun and effective way to learn Mandarin Chinese. Billy, his family, and their dog Benboo help to teach every day vocabulary words and phrases appropriate for situations such as meeting and greeting, bathing, playing with friends, eating and counting in Chinese. The lessons are learned through fun stories and sing-along songs. The video does an excellent job explaining the various tones and helping to develop proper pronunciation. I highly recommend this video."


"Several songs throughout the video make the whole process fun! Literally, you can dance with the songs while you and your children are learning - that's what I did with my kids. The short sentences are easy to follow, and for every scene you get a quick review on what you just learned. The multiple story sessions are situations you bump into daily. It is amazing that all of the above is packed in just 30 minutes!"

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