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Comfy Versions

(Includes Keyboard and "First Steps" software -- Monitor not included)

Comfy Easy PC Keyboard Learning System
Next Generation - Starter Kit

Item # 00030
List Price: $ 99.95
Our Price: $ 58.95  $ 49.95
Publisher: Comfy
Runs Under: Windows (Not Mac Compatible)
Ages: 1-5 Years

Comfy Keyboard NG

Your Pride, Their Joy

Your toddler can now learn through play on the home PC.

The Comfy Easy PC System creates a rich and exciting multimedia world for your toddler (ages 1 to 5), in which he/she can play and interact with the lovable Comfy characters.

With Comfy, your toddler will play many activities that are not only fun, but educational and developmental as well. Playing with the Easy PC system gives young children the opportunity to explore a dynamic, colorful, and interactive environment - without requiring parental assistance.

The Easy PC System has been designed with toddlers in mind, and fits their motor and cognitive skills. The System allows young children to enjoy and learn from various activities, without requiring reading skills or the ability to use a computer mouse. Children progress at their own pace according to their own level, interest and growth.

The Comfy Easy PC System includes the Easy PC keyboard and First Steps software. The Easy PC keyboard is the platform required to enjoy all of our software titles.
First Steps
"First Steps"
is the first computer game CD created especially for toddlers (as early as 12 months) that enables children an independent computer experience and first exposure to basic concepts. The Comfy Keyboard comes with the First Steps software only.

All activities in "First Steps" have been specially designed with the guidance of child psychologists, educational experts and parents, in order to suit the abilities and needs of the child for age-appropriate learning. "First Steps" is a great way to introduce toddlers to shapes, sounds and colors through fun interactive experiences.

5 Years of Growth

3C: Curiosity, Challange, Confidence

All Comfy content has been developed based on the "3C Developmental Cycle", created by the Comfy Pedagogial House (CPH):

According to The 3C Developmental cycle, providing toddlers with rich content will stimulate and challenge their natural born curiosity. The specially designed keyboard enables the child to be in full control, mastering activities as the plot evolves, thereby improving his sense of self confidence. The 3C Developmental Cycle is processed over and over again as the child progresses further in the story.

Included in the Easy PC keyboard package is our first software title, "First Steps", which is designed for 1-3 year old beginners. The whole line of software is then available (each designed for a certain age and level, and based on a different topic), allowing you to choose software according to your child's level and interest. Our software for ages 1-3 in the beginners and intermediate levels include an internal sub-division for different interactivity levels, allowing the child to progress within the same software over time.

As each child grows and develops at a different pace, it is likely that a younger child may enjoy a more difficult level, or vice-versa. We strongly recommend letting children progress at their own pace. Some of the software  titles include a few sub-levels of difficulty, allowing the child to progress within the same title over time.

Add-on CDs are available below. *

The Comfy software (the First Steps CD and the add-on software below) can be played with many of the following languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Dutch, Hebrew, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Japanese, Turkish, Korean, Polish, Romanian, and Russian. This amazing feature allows the child to reinforce his primary language as well as learn new languages. (See Languages.)

Playing in Comfy’s interactive environment will provide your child with the following:

  • Learning through play and exploration.
  • Acquiring basic computer skills.
  • Developing motor and sensory, language, cognitive, emotional, and social skills.

The following qualities make Comfy's approach unique and well suited to attaining its educational goals:

  • The activities are an interactive combination of stories, animated movies, viewing pictures and color painting, hearing music and singing songs, motor activities and exposure to social concepts.
  • The Comfy Keyboard replaces the standard keyboard and mouse. Each key is colorful and easy to use. No reading or writing skills are required.
  • Comfy activities are age-appropriate and the characters and objects participating in the story are amiable and amusing.
  • Once the level is adapted to your child's learning stage of development and the activity begins, your child can play without parental assistance. The computer characters talk to your child and explain what to do at every stage in the activity. Each explanation is accompanied by a variety of illustrated graphics and animations.

Motor and Sensory Skills

As children grow, their physical and mental skills develop, enabling them to perform more complex tasks. Your child learns to identify objects and characters, correctly interpret stimuli from immediate surroundings and develop the senses.

When playing with Comfy, your child learns to:

  • Correlate between the objects and characters he or she sees on the screen with those on the Comfy Keyboard.
  • Improve visual perception by distinguishing between different shapes and colors.
  • Improve hearing perception.

Language Skills

Children's vocabulary is constantly expanding as they learn to construct sentences.

With Comfy, your child can:

  • Learn how to phrase questions, requests, warnings and instructional sentences.
  • Gain knowledge of new concepts pertaining to specific topics such as the weather, mail and time.

Thinking Skills

Children's memory capacity is gradually enhanced enabling them to remember more and more pictures, voices and experiences. In addition, their imagination develops and improves their creative thinking skills.

Playing with Comfy can help your child to:

  • Enhance understanding of cause and effect relationships by allowing the child to intervene in an evolving story and cause changes to take place (e.g., make it rain, change day to night).
  • Practice remembering objects, sounds, voices, events and characters throughout an activity.
  • Develop his/her imagination by participating in the story's plot and influencing it as desired while enhancing creative skills.
  • Participate in "make-believe play" with characters to learn from them about the real world they live in.
  • Learn to concentrate and apply mental effort by performing challenging tasks.

Get better acquianted with the main characters in Comfyland to learn more about their intriguing personalities. Who's your child's favorite character?

Main Characters:

Comfy: Comfy is an average, happy and friendly boy of about six years of age. Being the only human figure, kids tend to sympathize with him the most. With his red hair and sparkling eyes, what he loves most is to hang around with his best friends from Comfyland.

Jumpy: Jumpy is a mischievous, agile little dog. He is the only Comfyland character who isn't very kindhearted. He likes to play pranks and fool around. He lets himself get away with more than the others do, he's short-tempered when he asks the children to do something and when he's angry, he lets everyone know it. Jumpy likes to spend his time in the garden, caring for the flowers and vegetable beds.

Feely: Feely the elephant is full-bodied and jolly, and therefore appears warm and affectionate. When she hugs someone, it is not in pretense, but with genuine feeling, since she really is fond of everyone. In short, all who come to her will find an attentive and sympathetic ear. A painter by profession, she is a true artist at heart, and as such tends to be somewhat melodramatic and absent-minded.

Snaily: Snaily the snail, the most diminutive character in Comfyland, is the youngest kid in the neighborhood. Being young, he is also naive, easily frightened and sweet. He is also bashful and innocent. Whenever he's frightened or embarrassed, he shrinks into his shell. This shell also serves as a neverending storehouse of odds and ends. Snaily works as a mailman, where his characteristics suit him for this job: he is a hard worker and punctual, even though time is never on his side.

Buddy: Buddy the Bear is the blockhead of the bunch, full of scholarly wisdom that he often uses where common sense and intuition would be more appropriate. Buddy thinks of himself as the smartest of the gang, to whom all should turn for advice and whose counsel all should heed. Feely is the only one that Buddy doesn't patronize because he admires her inventiveness and creativity. Buddy is characteristically arrogant and clumsy.

Other Characters:

Didi: It's easy to make friends with Didi. She's a sweet, fun-loving three-year-old who's busy discovering the world around her.

Yoki: Didi's pet kitten is a naive, playful little ball of fur. In his spirited romping and frolicking, he sometimes knocks things over.

Oops: There's a clown in every gang, and Oops is it. A comic and an acrobat, Oops plays tricks, climbs, swings, juggles, plays musical instruments, tells jokes and simply acts silly.

Boo: Representing the impulsive, impetuous side of every toddler, this perky little imp flits around looking for mischief. You'll forgive him, though - he never goes too far.

Betty: Don't let her sad basset hound eyes fool you. Betty is everyone's best friend. Motherly and warm, she's thoroughly devoted to Didi. And although she's no comedienne, the things that happen to her will make you laugh. 

Add-On Software Programs for Your Comfy Easy PC Keyboard Learning System

My Home (Ages 1-3 Intermediate) - $24.95  $19.95   -  #00032   
My HomeOffers toddlers hours of delight while exploring the home environment through a variety of day-to-day activities. The game is full of songs and surprises through which your child learns about the importance of tidiness, recognizes objects through sounds and voices and learns to dress according to the weather. With Didi, a cute 3 year old girl, and her friends, your child will play hide and seek and enjoy many exciting activities.



I use the adorable songs in this game to convince my 2 year old son (who dislikes his daily shower, to say the least�) to take a bath. Together we sing along all the way to the bathroom. Thanks to this game, this becomes so much easier and fun!

Developmental Benefits:

  • Expands vocabulary and language skills.
  • Explores the home environment.
  • Develops creative and thinking skills.
  • Teaches cause and effect.
  • Teaches the relations between comparative concepts.

Let's Imagine from ComfyLet's Imagine (Ages 1-3 Intermediate) - $24.95  $19.95  -  #00033
Offers toddlers hours of delight while developing creative skills.

Your child will explore a variety of fun learning experiences through colorful graphics and animated pictures that stimulate visual development and encourage auditory skills. Didi and Boo, and their amusing friends, will introduce toddlers to the world of animals, shapes, objects and body parts, while developing their language skills and helping them to solve problems.



I never thought my 2.5 old baby will learn about her body in such a unique way, and you should absolutely see the way she giggles with the monkey and all the other characters. It's hilarious!

Developmental Benefits:

  • Develops creative and thinking skills.
  • Expands vocabulary and language skills.
  • Teaches cause and effect.
  • Helps your child solve problems through various activities.

Birthday Party (Ages 1-3 Advanced) - $24.95  $19.95  -  #00034
Birthday Party by ComfyHelps toddlers acquire social cleverness and tools of communication. The characters meet at Feely's birthday party which is the main story theme where each character tells a story. Snaily, the snail, tells of his first day as a postman. Comfy and Jumpy describe their fascinating visit at the zoo, and Buddy the bear tells of his wonderful adventure in the field. "Birthday Party" is a wonderful way for your child to attain concepts in social interaction through enjoyable and charming interactive stories.



My child saw a sea lion for the first time in this game and when we went to the zoo, he immediately made the connection and pointed to the sea lion saying, "Here's the sea lion with the ball from Comfy." He keeps learning so much from this CD and I really wish to thank you for that.

Developmental Benefits:

  • Acquaintance with social norms and values.
  • Helps toddlers become familiar with concepts of space, time and relative dimensions.
  • Recognize colors and numbers.
  • Improves memory and self-expression.
  • Strengthens the child's confidence and positive self-image.

Christmas in ComfylandChristmas in Comfyland (Ages 1-3 Advanced) - $24.95  $19.95  -  #00035
A delightful interactive movie comprising of several charming episodes that convey the magic of the holiday, while providing an educational and entertaining experience. Comfy and his friends prepare for the Christmas celebrations and invite other children to join them and take part in the fun holiday spirit. The story ends with the Comfy family singing a special "We wish you a Merry Christmas" song which is what "Christmas in Comfyland" is all about the fun and joy of getting ready for Christmas.

This most special time of the year is going to be even more fun this year!



I bought the Comfy Keyboard and this CD as a present for Christmas to my nephew. I can assure you that this was by far the most successful present I have ever purchased for a child. My sister thanked me like she never did before...

Developmental Benefits:

  • Improves listening skills, concentration, memory and perseverance.
  • Develops self-confidence, independence and control.
  • Fosters positive emotions.
  • Introduces the main Holiday characteristics.

World of Colors (Ages 3-5 Beginner) - $24.95  $19.95  -  #00036
World of Colors from ComfyExposes your child to the wonderful world of colors, in a search to find Jumpy's lost bone. Your child will learn how to name colors, compare objects, and match colors to specific objects, while enhancing his/her observation and visual perception skills. "World of Colors" is an ideal introduction for children who are just beginning to learn about colors, helping them to learn through fun interactive stories. Children who are already familiar with colors can practice and expand their creativity, making play an enriching and inspiring experience.


  World of Colors from Comfy 

I have 2 children: a 3.5 year old and a 1.5 year old. As soon as the big one plays this game, the small one comes and sits next to him. It's like a magnet... The older learns so much about colors in many different ways and the small one grasps what he can. It's so nice and comforting to watch them play together...

Developmental Benefits:

  • Matching colors with objects.
  • Identifying a concealed object.
  • Fundamental concepts of spatial awareness.
  • Experience in problem solving.
  • Developing skills of comparison.

Joy of Music from ComfyJoy of Music (Ages 3-5 Beginner) - $24.95  $19.95  -  #00037

Teaches musical concepts by inviting the child to actively participate in the rehearsals and concert of Fifi the flute, Tempo the trumpet, Boom-Boom the drum and Mano the piano. The instruments are charming characters, each with their own special personality. It's is an ideal way for children to learn all about musical instruments, become familiar with the idea of harmony and improve their fine and gross motor skills.



My child loved the piano character in the very first CD (First Steps). I feel that coming back to his loved and known character and learning more about it's life and personality was familiar and important for him. I can see that he feels at ease but at the same time learns about the fun of music and so much more.

Developmental Benefits:

  • Acquaintance with various musical instruments and terms.
  • Presents music with enthusiasm and stimulates creativity.
  • Improves color perception.
  • Develops a sense of control and self-confidence.

Animal World (Ages 3-5 Intermediate) - $24.95  $19.95  -  #00038
Animal World from ComfyThe discovery and surprises in "Animal World" are a creative way for children to encounter and learn about the world of animals and their various surroundings in nature. In "Animal World" children adventure through a variety of environments - "Earth", "Water", "Forest" and "Snow", and enjoy magical interactive activities related to that specific surrounding. "Animal World" is an enriching experience where the child develops cognitive, emotional, language and creative skills through challenging stories, interactive games, creative arts and fun music activities.



My child loves animals so much and this was originally the reason I bought her this CD. Solving puzzles of sea lions and birds, the story about daddy bear and recognizing animal voices are just part of the activities she has undertaken so far and there's so much more. Thank you for keeping and enriching this cherished world for her.

Developmental Benefits:

  • Develops the ability to identify colors, shapes and numbers.
  • Develops listening abilities and improves understanding instructions.
  • Develops vocabulary and thought patterns.
  • Familiarization with works of art, materials and techniques.

Time Travel from ComfyTime Travel (Ages 3-5 Intermediate) - $24.95  $19.95  -  #00039
In "Time Travel", children will traverse in an adventurous journey through space and time. "Time Travel" presents different cultures and eras from the past and future through interesting stories, interactive games, creative arts and amusing musical activities. Together with Comfy and his friends, your child will learn about dinosaurs, find out about the habits of prehistoric man, visit Indians in their village to discover their traditions, and enjoy an Alien's visit from space. "Time Travel" is a wonderful way to capture a child's imagination by exposing him to a whole new universe.



I never thought that Danielle, my 4 year old girl, would be so enthusiastic to learn about Dinosaurs. I thought it was more a "boyish" interest... I was probably wrong... She discovered a whole new world and is so curious now to discover more. Thank you for opening up this part in history for her and for me ;-).

Developmental Benefits:

  • Improves the ability to make decisions.
  • Improves the understanding of quantitative concepts.
  • Enhances intellectual curiosity.
  • Fosters a positive self image.

My Neighborhood (Ages 3-5 Intermediate) - $24.95  $19.95  -  #00040
My Neighborhood by ComfyHosts children in Comfyland's lively neighborhood. Here they will explore a familiar environment, through stimulating stories, interactive games, creative arts, and fun music activities. Together with Comfy and his friends, your child will discover about his home, visit the friendly neighbors, play in the playground and park, and learn to drive various vehicles by following directions. "My Neighborhood" is a wonderful way for children to strengthen their self-assurance and develop cognitive, social and emotional skills, through familiar experiences of day-to-day life.



I was so impressed to see how the meaning of "story" was introduced in this CD- so many ways, so creative and developing! I am sure that stories, in the way they are introduced here, will open up more opportunities for having our children enjoy reading in the future! Continue the good work!

Developmental Benefits:

  • Improves the ability to classify and categorize.
  • Develops more complex thinking processes.
  • Improves different thought patterns.
  • Fosters positive emotions.

  • Processor: Pentium III 350 MHz and above
  • OS: Microsoft Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP/ Vista  
  • Memory: 32MB Ram and above (64MB or higher recommended)
  • Hard Disk: at least 30MB free space
  • CD-ROM Drive: 4X over sampling and above
  • USB port
  • Additional requirements: Sound card, color screen and speakers

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