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"The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled" - Plutarch

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New Baby Software

G i g g l e s
Computer Funtime
For Baby

$ 19.95     buy
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  Comfy EasyPC Keyboard Learning System
Fun While Learning
Comfy EasyPC Next Generation
from Imaginative Minds

Ages 1 and up
The Comfy EasyPC Keyboard introduces babies and toddlers to multimedia technology and computers. Totally plug-and-play, it simply plugs directly into the USB port on your PC. Software uses up to 16 different languages.

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Retail Price $ 99.95
Our Price $ 49.95 USD

Brain Fitness 2
Brain Fitness
Use it or lose it! Keep your mind in top shape!

$ 64.95     buy

Plants Vs. Zombies
Limited Edition
Ages 10+ Everybody

Plants vs. Zombies
$ 19.95      buy

Auditory Processing Therapy Program
Speech Development

Rocky Mountain Learning Systems is dedicated to
Smiling kids and to learning, because EVERY human being is special and deserves the opportunity to reach his or her FULLEST POTENTIAL. Our goal, purpose, and passion is to find the BEST educational resources and make them available to benefit ... one person at a time.

LEARNING EARS is a proven educational program that develops reading and listening skills fundamental to learning and academic achievement. It is a tool to improve a person's ability to receive, understand and retain incoming information, as well as expressive language functions. It is especially useful for Auditory Processing Disorder and Dyslexia. The 20-week program significantly increases a person's ability to listen, speak, communicate, read, and learn. It combines The Listening Program with intensive Ear-Voice Training to maximize client outcomes. ...MORE

Ace Reader - Click to Purchase
Ace Reader

Attention Parents, Teachers, Students, Business Executives and anyone else who wants to read faster with better comprehension!

The goal of Ace Reader is to help you read faster, while improving your comprehension. When you accomplish this, reading becomes fun because you're able to absorb more material in a shorter amount of time.

Merit Software Merit Software gives everyone involved -- teachers, tutors, parents and students -- the tools and opportunities to improve learning and to attain positive, measurable results.
The programs provide detailed coverage of the core competencies students require to succeed. Concepts in reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary and math are covered from the basics to higher levels.  LEARN MORE

Download versions now available!

Designed to improve memory, attention, and brain speed!

Inspiration 8.0 InspireData Kidspiration
Inspiration is the essential tool students rely on to plan, research and complete projects successfully. With the integrated Diagram and Outline Views, they create graphic organizers and expand topics into writing. As a result, students gain and retain a better understanding of concepts and demonstrate knowledge, improving their performance across the curriculum.

Basic Math Solved! Pre-Algebra Solved! Algebra 1 Solved! Algebra 2 Solved! College Algebra Solved! Trigonometry Solved! Precalculus Solved! Calculus Solved! Graphing Solved! 3 Minute Challenge! Equation Invasion! Product
Using Bagatrix Problem Solved!™ Technology, an advanced mathematical software solving system, Bagatrix Solved!™ lets you enter in YOUR homework problems and provides the answers with step-by-step work.

Bagatrix math software takes basic math education to the next level with intuitive design, powerful features, and an easy-to-use graphical interface.

Watch and learn as Bagatrix math software transforms your math homework problems into solutions, providing step-by-step work and explanations along the way. Features infinite example problems, unlimited practice tests, multiple choice quizzes, and over 100 topics covered in each software topic.
Bagatrix Math Software

Educational Programs
Multimedia computer technology is the best thing to come along to help students learn more easily and efficiently.  That's because the greater the number of sensory modalities used SIMULTANEOUSLY in learning (seeing, hearing, touching, speech) -- the more LEARNING and memory retention takes place, especially when carefully designed and sequenced curriculum is utilized. It's true for all students, but it will especially make all the difference for at-risk, struggling students! 

The Listening Program
Auditory processing therapy

Ah ... but it accomplishes so much more! You may be surprised how many human functions are affected by auditory processing ! It affects communication skills, learning abilities, attention and behavior, energy levels, coordination, relaxation, brain function, sensory integration and more. Developed by experts in the fields of neurology, psychiatry, neurodevelopment, education, speech pathology, psychoacoustics, music, and sound engineering, creating a program that is easy to do at home, is immensely enjoyable. Through music-based auditory stimulation, The Listening Program has been extremely successful in strengthening auditory processing and memory skills for children and grown-ups. Also effective for remediating speech delays. Take a quick quiz to see if you or someone you care about might find help with this program.
  Online Checklist (PDF Format)     
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The Quarter Mile Math
  Move math skills to an automatic response level! The most FUN Math Drill Software ever -- for Kindergarten through ninth grade math levels! Problems appear one at a time. Your goal is to answer them as fast as you can. Each time you enter the answer correctly, your dragster or horse will go faster. You race against your five previous best races  -- six lanes with six race cars or six riderless horses in all. The sooner you reach the finish line, the better your score will be. Your scores improve effortlessly. Fun for kids and adults! You can even have Math tournaments within your school or participate in international tournaments! School versions also available  ... MORE INFO
     #QMM123B.1   Quarter Mile Math Levels 1, 2, and 3 Bundle    $89.95   
Click to Purchase
From: Barnum Software

Memory Building Software - visual and auditory sequential memory software program (for Mac and Windows)

The human brain has unlimited potential!  With just ten minutes' playtime per day you, your children, and your students can build your brain's neural network to boost your ability to absorb and process auditory and visual sequential information, also called " short-term memory."  It's essential to every mental process, including every level of verbal communication. Better sequential processing enables us to take in more of what there is to see and hear. It determines how quickly and clearly we can grasp concepts. And it determines how effectively we can express ourselves to others.If sequential processing capacity is limited, it's a little like not having enough RAM in your computer -- everything happens more S-L-O-W-L-Y. See the difference in school, the office, social settings, and throughout your life.  IT'S FUN TOO!   
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The Sound Health Series - Music for Health, Learning, and Productivity (CD series)

    Psychoacoustics is an evolving discipline spanning the fields of psychology, physiology, and acoustics. It is the study of the perception of sound: how we listen, our psychological responses, and the neurological impact of music and sound upon the brain and nervous system. These recordings are designed to improve ear and brain function while providing a delightful listening experience.  The series currently includes CDs for each of the following purposes: concentration, thinking, learning, productivity, relaxation, de-stress, inspiration, and motivation, and more coming soon. You'll be amazed at how great you'll feel after listening to these! Use them in the classroom, office, or with your patients and clients. Listen online.
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Language Tune Up Kit ReadingLanguage Tune-Up Kit
 Remedial Reading/Phonics/Language Software Program
  (CD-ROM Software)   
    Originally designed for use by reading specialists as a therapeutic system for older children and grown-ups with severe reading deficits. Now available to the general public.  Is extremely successful with students with dyslexia, learning disabilities, Title I, and other learning challenges.  It uses a phonemic (sound/symbol) approach addressing all learning styles:  visual, auditory and kinesthetic, and is based on the famous Orton-Gillingham method . Words and sounds are seen, heard, written, and even spoken and orally recorded by the student, thereby using the sensory modalities to their maximum benefit for brain processing and memory retention.  Interactive, individualized, self-directed, systematic, extremely thorough. Includes an on-line Auditory Assessment, on-line "virtual" keyboard option for physically challenged students, and a "Mouse Tutorial." Networked versions also available for SCHOOLS and labs. Other applications: 
    • Strengthens phonemic awareness for speech/language development 
    • Teaches English to non-English speaking students.  
"This is the most effective reading, language and phonics 
literacy program I've ever seen, and I've tried them all."
More Info

Click N Read - Click Here For Information Click'N READ Phonics

The ultimate in phonics reading instruction for schools and homes!
Used by over 1,000 schools - now available for homes. 100 lesson animated interactive software phonics program that teaches a complete K-3rd grade curriculum by state academic standards. Proven effective for beginning readers, struggling readers and children with learning disabilities.
Online Internet Delivery
From:  ClickN' KIDS

Parallels 4.0-- ATTENTION MAC USERS --
Parallels 4.0 for Mac
Run WINDOWS software on your Mac.
Take advantage of the vast amount of kids' Windows software.
Our Price $ 9.95    buy

  VirtualDrive 8 CD/DVD-ROM Drive Emulation Software

VirtualDrive emulates your computer's CD/DVD-ROM drive, which enables you to run CD & DVD programs directly from your hard drive without the use of the physical CD/DVD-ROM drive or the actual disc. VirtualDrive is a MUST HAVE for gamers, music lovers, travelers and laptop users. Our Price $ 19.95    buy


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